Week 5

17 10 2010

The scenes are coming along.  Chameleon/Katydid is pretty much finished. I’ve just about finished up the butterfly/spider shot. The Dragonfly shot is nearly done. I’m also working on the look development and animation for the jellyfish scene.


Studio 2 – class 5

28 09 2010

Here are some updated renders, along with a few new ones. I am ahead of schedule currently, so hopefully I will be able to complete more shots than I thought I would be able to.

Chipmunk, using Maya fur:


Studio 2, Go

20 09 2010

I finally settled on a concept for Studio 2. I’ll be working solo again. This time I’m focusing on texturing and shading. Over the summer I modeled an army of small creatures; insects, a few reptiles, a hummingbird, and a chipmunk, as well as some plants. While my original idea eventually became unmanageable, I reformed my idea to use the same assets.

I have always been fascinated by nature. I want to capture the beauty and subtleties in the colors, patterns, textures, and surface qualities of nature with this project. I’ve selected subjects that will offer challenges in shading: scales, fur, subsurface scattering, feathers, and iridescence. The project will take the form of a series of brief shots that show off the texture and shading work, as well as create a dramatic, but cohesive visual narrative.

My list of planned shots is currently too large to finish this quarter. I will be completing as many as possible this quarter, at the highest quality, and continuing on into next quarter with the rest. In the winter I want to focus more on plants and flowers.

Chameleon WIP

Spider WIP