Some Houdini work

11 04 2011

Here are some screen grabs of Houdini experiments I’ve worked on.

This first one shows an l-system tree I created. I’ve done a considerable amount of playing with l-systems.  This one shows the nice natural look you can achieve with only a few simple rules.

Here is sort of a cone plant,  or one of several types of flowers, achieved through a simple l-system, with leaf stamping to change the size and shape of the leaves over time.

This was just a neat test I did, by taking a basic l-system, then using a triangulate node, then a divide sop to compute the dual, creating a cellular pattern.

This is a cactus asset I created. Controls allow the user to control the number of branches, tropism, randomness, etc.

This is a coral like structure I created, by copying metaballs to an l-system, then converting it to a mesh, then performing a few SOPs to get a cellular pattern.

This is a seashell asset that i am working on, which will allow the user to create many variations, without having to reshape an input curve manually. It’s core is a logarithmic curve that the profile is swept along.

here is some of the node network:

Here are some variations of a digital asset I created, which generates a Classical building.


I was also working on a tool that creates a varying density mesh for creating terrains, based on an input height field. The density of points would be based on the relative slope of the height field.

Here’s an older project which uses audio to control the animation of a digital sculpture.


Chameleon and Mantis updates

16 01 2011

Updates on Chameleon and Orchid Mantis:

11 01 2011

Some initial renders of new creatures for my demo reel:

Week 7: Finished!!

11 05 2010

I’ve finished the composite of the two shots. I am currently working on the breakdowns for my project, which should be finished within the next two weeks.

Week 3

8 04 2010

Creature look finalized. Below is  a  rough composite

Cliff textures nearly finalized. Textures have been generated completely procedurally. By using the ambient occlusion material, mia_amb_occlusion, with output mode set to 2, I was able to create a mask that isolates all surfaces that face upward, with a desired falloff. With this I created the vertical dirp-like streaks that only appear on downward facing surface, and also modify the textures for the horizonatal surface the creature will be standing on.

My next task is to begin animating Targa, as well as working out and starting on the matte painting. below is the sketch I will be basing the painting off of.